Transformative Solutions for Businesses Aiming to Accelerate Growth

Partner with seasoned retail executives, entrepreneurs, digital strategists, award-winning designers, and engineers to scale your business with a top-rated consulting firm.

Our Areas of Expertise

Helping Business And Companies Innovate And Transform

Partner with seasoned retail executives, entrepreneurs, digital strategists, award-winning designers, and engineers to scale your business with a top-rated consulting firm.

Entrepreneurial Consulting

From concept ideation to market launch, we support start ups and established businesses through their growth stages with customized high level consulting, web design, digital, retail, and marketing.

Corporate Auditing

Collaborate with our experts to discover and implement solutions that streamline and optimize operations, thereby fostering increased efficiency and ensuring sustainable scalability.

Product Launch Solutions

We help brands grow online and in retail with a predictive approach that blends experience, in-house networking, and creativity, to ensure your brand succeeds in this evolving competitive landscape.

The 3 Pillars of STNDRD

A Proven & Predictable Model to Success

Our proprietary business growth blueprint is backed by data, technology, and 25+ years of experience.


We work closely with you to clearly define your business goals and objectives, ensuring a strong foundation for your growth strategy. Our team helps you identify key opportunities and challenges, setting the STNDRD for success.


With your goals defined, we build a customized growth plan tailored to your business needs. Our experts develop actionable strategies, leveraging industry best practices to drive sustainable growth and scalability.


Turning strategy into action, we ensure you execute the plan with precision and agility. We monitor progress, adapt to changes, and ensure that your deliverables stay on track, providing tangible outcomes to achieve your objectives.

A Comprehensive Consulting Agency

As a comprehensive consulting firm, we assist businesses like yours in crafting data-driven and research-backed strategies with proven experience.

Comprehensive Consulting Firm

As a comprehensive consulting firm, we assist businesses like yours in crafting data-driven and research-backed strategies, which we then implement across various channels.

Retail Growth


Unlock your retail potential with our expert growth strategies and network. Achieve consistent, predictable scale with tailored solutions designed to drive success. Guided by our "Define, Build, Execute" strategy, we ensure your business reaches new heights, enhancing performance and ensuring sustainable expansion.



We'll strategize, design, and create a fully optimized website customized to your unique business requirements, leveraging the technology that meet your goals. Our comprehensive website design services are grounded in strategic planning aimed at boosting traffic, enhancing engagement, and increasing conversions.



Boost brand visibility and drive lead generation with a personalized 360° digital marketing strategy and services.

Collaborate with our specialized experts in SEO, PPC, email, social media, and content marketing to connect with targeted audiences and foster online community growth.



We excel in providing premium business services at competitive rates, pinpointing billing inaccuracies and enhancing profitably. Leveraging advanced software and industry relationships, our specialists consistently secure ongoing savings for clients while remaining vendor-neutral.

Experience with Top Players


Josh Burris

CEO & Founder

Josh Burris is a dynamic CEO and Board member with over 25 years of experience driving high-growth organizations up to $3.5 billion USD. Renowned for his energetic leadership, Josh excels in strategic planning, integrative problem-solving, and cultivating a strong organizational culture. He currently serves as an Advisory Board Member for The Vitamin Shoppe®, part of Franchise Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRG), and sits on the Board of Directors for Merging Vets and Players (MVP), aiding combat veterans and former athletes in their civilian transitions. Josh's recent roles include CEO of Rue21 and GNC, where he also served as President. His extensive retail experience includes leading AM Retail Group and holding key leadership positions during his 16-year tenure at Abercrombie & Fitch. Josh holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and certifications in communication, conflict management, and leadership from the Ohio State Leadership Institute.

Phil Laboon

M.D. & Co-Founder

Phil Laboon is a serial entrepreneur known for founding and selling multiple successful businesses, including a real estate brokerage, a marketing agency, Allied Business Network, and WUDN, an e-commerce company. He authored the Amazon bestseller "Automate Your Income," which topped charts for 51 weeks. Phil has invested in numerous tech startups, such as Forbes Council and WowHire. With over $200 million in affiliate sales for companies like T-Mobile and Dish TV, he was a finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and named a top 10 marketing influencer by Inc. Magazine. His visionary approach and strategic insights have made him a respected figure in the business world.

Our Team

Mike Moore


Harold Shaw

Head of Automations / AI

Haiyya B.

Head of Visual Design

Erica Yambao

Client Relations Manager


Duran Inci

Internet Technology Exec with 17+ years in e-business, eCommerce systems, and marketing.

Mike Nash

Wholesale Exec with 25+ years successfully launching product & brands for global companies.

Elisa Bannon-Jones

Globally recognized CHRO and Business Exec with 25+ years in retail, automotive, pet, and technology sectors.

Rita DiPalma

Rita DiPalma led key divisions in the membership and loyalty sectors, driving growth and marketing strategies.

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